Three Myths About Wooden Windows

1Myth About Wooden Windows #1:
After installation, I have to paint the windows myself. Wooden windows suffer from moisture, rot, and warp. They dry out and peel. They have to be repainted and repaired fairly frequently. Is it true?

Our windows come to you completely finished, with the highest quality factory paint - you never need to repaint the wood inside, let alone the heavy-duty aluminum outside.

Modern wooden Rukna windows are made of 3-4 layers of glued laminated timber profile and undergo a mandatory 4-layer coating:

  • Layer 1 - protection from moisture, fungus, mold and pests by dipping the wooden frame after assembly.
  • 1 coat of primer ensuring further excellent adhesion to the topcoat
  • 2 coats of topcoat

Rukna windows have been installed with this level of protection numerous times, even in swimming pools and spas with adequate ventilation and humidity control. One of the main reasons for the appearance of moisture and fungus growth on any windows is high humidity in the room, which can significantly harm your health.

The second reason is the metal spacer in thin, cheap glass units which easily conducts cold and results in low energy efficiency of the windows. To minimize condensation in all Rukna glass units, a warm non-metallic thermal break spacer is used and chambers are filled with argon gas and 2 LowE coatings.

2Myth About Wooden Windows #2:
I've heard wooden windows are only for luxury homes and are very expensive.

We certainly do not compete with the small size white PVC slider windows and do not aim to be the cheapest in quality, and therefore, price.

But if you create a unique atmosphere in your home with large windows of different shapes and colors - the difference in price will not be significant, yet will yield much higher quality.

We focus on quality residential custom homes for the average Canadian home owner to achieve exclusive architectural solutions. Request a quote and see that what we offer is the best and most affordable among high-class premium products.

3Myth About Wooden Windows #3:
European tilt and turn windows open inward - which is very inconvenient when you have to open it. It takes up a lot of space inside and interferes with my blinds and curtains.

Inconvenient? Okay, remember the last time you tried to clean your traditional casement window, the one on the second floor? How about those dead flies and mosquitoes between the screen and closed panel? Have you forgotten about the flimsy crank that always breaks? Yeah, that one!

Rukna windows have easy access to washing and maintenance from the outside thanks to an inward-opening panel - just open the window with a turn of the handle! It’s very convenient, safe and pleasant - check it out! The multi-point lock along the panel’s perimeter is very reliable and easy to operate.

For ventilation, simply use the tilt opening, which adjusts all the way up to micro-ventilation in winter. Opening up for ventilation does not interfere with curtains and blinds, as it does not go beyond the width of the wall. Plus, you have the option of built-in blinds in the Rukna MN98 series and a variety of overhead pleats or blinds!

The screen easily attaches to the outside and perfectly matches the exterior color of the window. Forget about living and dead flies.

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